Meet The Author OF

No Peace With Hitler:

Why Churchill Chose To Fight WWII Alone Rather than Negotiate With Germany

Alan Saltman
Alan is a semi-retired corporate lawyer who for many years has been involved in complex litigation involving the federal government. After seeing the movie and reading Darkest Hour written by Anthony McCarten, he became intrigued with the issue that faced Winston Churchill in late May 1940 and decided to put his skills researching and writing briefs to the matter.

Hitler had conquered virtually all of Western Europe in just a matter of days and France was about ready to fall. The question before Churchill was whether Britain should enter into peace negotiations with Hitler or continue fighting against the seemingly unstoppable Nazi war machine on her own and possibly without the bulk of her professional army (which at that moment was trapped in France). The latter path almost guaranteed a substantial bombing campaign by the German Luftwaffe followed by a Nazi invasion of the British Isles. Just defending itself against this onslaught could have cost the British hundreds of thousands of lives. Many said that only a madman would choose to fight such a suicidal battle. But choose to continue the fight with Hitler is exactly what Churchill did.

Why? Was he insane? If not, what about this man permitted or caused him to take the path that objectively seemed unreasonable? Based on 2 ½ years of research and writing, this book tries to provide some answers.

Alan lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his wife Beryl. He has two sons and two grandchildren.